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Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot access a form

Please make sure that you are logged in. Some forms are limited for logged in users only. If you still cannot access a form after login, contact us below.

I have not received an email for a form submission.

Please make sure to also check your spam folder in case the email is not in your inbox. An automated email from this system will have as the from address. If you have submitted a form while you are logged in, you can check the status page to see all your submissions.

I cannot log in to the website.

You may have entered the wrong credentials. Enter your UBNet account credentials. Make sure that you can log in to other UB services such as Email, Canvas, etc., If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by following these password reset instructions.

I cannot access a report after logging in to the site.

This may be due to restricted permissions on a report. Contact your department to make sure you that you have access to that report. If you have changed a department, your access may have changed with it. In this case, contact us below and we will get in touch with you for verification.

My name/email is auto-filled incorrectly

If you notice that your email address or name was filled incorrectly, contact us below and we will make sure to update your profile information properly.

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